Welcome to the Diversity Section!

The Diversity Chair position is currently open.

The Student Diversity Chair is Elio Gutierrez.

The Movie Night is CANCELLED until further notice. 

For video clips from the documentary series, and more information, visit https://www.racepowerofanillusion.org/

From the May 2020 Newsletter:


Webinar by the Association of Black Cardiologists:

At the Heart of the Matter: Unmasking the Invisibility of COVID-19 in Diverse Populations

Link to the Cultural Trauma and Healing Tool Kit

Petition to Stop Separating Children at the Border

Past Diversity Events:

7/19/19: Therapist of Color Mixer

6/9/19: SVPA in Sacramento Pride March

6/7/19: LGBTQ+ Therapist Mixer

6/1/19: Cultivating Empowerment: Preventing Suicide in the LGBTQ+ Community Using Affirmative Therapy

5/18/19: Cultural Respect and Humility: Working with Asian Americans

11/9/18: Therapists of Color Mixer

8/7/18: How to Become a LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapist

6/12/18: Providing Compassionate, Effective, Collaborative Gender Transition Support Services for Adults

6/10/18: SVPA in Sacramento Pride Parade

6/8/18: LGBTQ+ Therapist Mixer

4/10/18: Empowering Women by Targeting Oppressive Factors

6/13/17: Power, Privilege, and Oppression in a Psychological Context

6/3/17: SVPA in Sacramento Pride Parade

5/17/17: Psychologists' Role in Immigration

4/12/17: Cultivating Empowerment: Preventing Suicide in the LGBQ Community Using Affirmative Therapy

3/14/17: Exploration of Suicidal Risk Among the Transgender Population

3/3/17: Multicultural and Diversity Interest Group Mixer

5/20/14: Taking Ethical Responsibility: Addressing Multicultural Ruptures

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