"The mediocre leader tells. The good leader explains.

The superior leader demonstrates.

The great leader inspires."

-Gary Patton

Sacramento Valley Psychological Association Mentorship Program

The SVPA Mentorship is designed to connect graduate students/early career psychologists with a local clinical psychologist who will serve as a peer mentor. Peer mentors provide support related to work/school-life balance, graduate school, practicum/internship, career options, clinical work, research interests, and more.

Who are the SVPA mentors?

SVPA mentors are current registered members and practicing psychologists with various backgrounds of psychology. They are psychologists who are willing to share their experiences with others and provide any advice sought by their mentee.

How are you matched?

Mentees/Mentors will be matched based on availability of volunteers, interest (e.g. research interests, personal background, geographic location, etc.) and goodness of fit.

What does being a mentor/mentee involve?

The level of involvement is dependent on you and mentee/mentor availability. Ideally, mentee/mentor maintain communication, in whatever way is best for you, checking in at least once a month. Listed below are potential topics of conversation.

How can I get involved?

In order to participate as either a mentee/mentor, you must be a current SVPA member.

To join or review your membership, go to: http://sacramentovalleypsychologist.com/AboutMembership

The application to become a mentee/mentor can be found at: https://bit.ly/SVPAMentorship


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