Welcome to the Ethics Education Section!

The current Ethics Chair is Catherine Cohen, Psy.D.

There is an opening for a co-chair.

Committee Members:

Joe Obegi, Ph.D.

One benefit of SVPA membership benefit is free, confidential consultation with SVPA’s Ethics Education Committee. One purpose of the Committee is to assist our local colleagues with any number of "sticky situations" and to provide education to help guide decision making. The Committee does not provide legal, clinical, or risk management advice. Rather, we discuss ways to address dilemmas that are informed by the American Psychological Association’s code of ethics.

Our committee at present consists of two co-chairs and one committee member. Whenever possible, the Committee discusses issues together in order to provide a broad and balanced perspective. Other functions of the Committee include assisting the SVPA Board proper with ethical concerns, participating in CE events, and interfacing with membership via the newsletter.

If you'd like to request a consultation, you should contact Dr. Catherine Cohen or Dr. Phil Clar directly via email or phone.





Ethics Resources

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