Submission Guidelines:

Email articles and ads to the Newsletter Editor with "SVPA NEWSLETTER" in the Subject Line to: 

Dr. Corrine McIntosh Sako is the interim SVPA Newsletter Editor and she will be your contact regarding newsletter submissions. 

The newsletter is free for members to read and submit articles and/or advertisements to!

You can email submissions to Dr. McIntosh Sako at

Here's what you need to know:
  • The newsletter is emailed to all SVPA members monthly.

  • Articles submitted for publication should be typed in a Microsoft Word document, left justified, single or double-spaced. It should be titled and include the author's name. Contact information or a brief list of references is optional. We strongly encourage you to submit a digital photograph of yourself.

  • Article length can be 1 paragraph to 1 full page (double-spaced).

  • Articles should be submitted by the 15th day of the month - to be considered for the next months newsletter (e.g., the submission deadline for the June issue is May 15th). When the number of submissions is high for a particular issue, the editor reserves the right to place an article in a future issue.

  • Email articles directly to the editor.

  • Email advertisements directly to the editor. Ads should be in the form of a Word or jpeg file. A classified ad should be sent as a Word document or printed in the body of an email.

  • The Newsletter does not accept articles or advertisements that suggest a political preference. (This guideline is in place to maintain the Newsletter's nonprofit standing.)

  • The Newsletter does not publish articles that are deemed self-promotional in nature. Articles may contain contact information (e.g., email and/or phone #). Self-promotional advertisements need to be paid and cannot appear in the form of articles.

  • The content of articles and ads should be informed by the most recent version of the ethics code published by the American Psychological Association.

  • The editor reserves the right to refuse any submitted article or ad.


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