2021 SVPA Board Members

Marcella Kreysa, Psy.D.


Ryan Cheperka, Ph.D.

Immediate Past-President

Website/Technology; Social Media Chair

Phil Clar, Ph.D.


Ethics Education Committee Co-Chair

Liaison to Forensic Division

Catherine Cohen, Psy.D.

Ethics Education Committee Co-Chair

Michael Dickerson, Psy.D.

Early Career Chair

Sara Elliott

Student Representative (AIU)

Catarina Juan Fishman, Psy.D.


Elio Gutierrez

Diversity Section Student Representative

Saideh Malekafzali, Ed.D.

CE Chair

Bret McLaughlin, Psy.D., MBA

Disaster Response Network Chair

Chandni Parikh, Ph.D.

Membership Chair

Katie Polsky, Psy.D.

Local Advocacy Network Representative

Lori Roberto, Ph.D.

CARE Chair

William (Bill) Taylor, Ph.D.


Mandeep Tumber-Bhela, Ph.D.

Diversity Chair

Trish Wallis, Psy.D.


Emmanuel A. Zamora, Psy.D.

Behavioral Medicine and Neuropsychology Chair


Open Positions:


Events Chair

Newsletter Editor

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