January 27th of 2017 marked the launch of the Behavioral Medicine and Neuropsychology (BMN) interest group.  Nearly forty enthusiastic multidisciplinary professionals, researchers, and students showed-up for a social mixer to meet and exchange ideas. The BMN cutting edge approach to wellness and the fun atmosphere sparked smiles, engaging conversations, and questions about how individuals can get involved.

The founder of the BMN group, Dr. Amir Ramezani along with SVPA president, Dr. Dan Rockers, and SVPA president-elect Dr. Ryan Cheperka, gave a wholehearted welcome and an eloquent overview of the BMN aims, introduced upcoming education series, and the plans for the 2017 year.

So what is the group about? BMN is a section of SVPA that aims to build a community of professionals and students who share a common interest to advance the science and practice of integrative mind-body approaches in behavioral health, medicine, and neuroscience.

BMN group specifically aims to do the following:

  • Provide a professional forum for individuals interests in contributing to BMN advocacy, education, teaching, clinical practice, and research
  • Increase education, research, and clinical practice of mind-body approaches, health psychology, medicine, and neuroscience
  • Cultivate a driven, solution focused community that builds consensus on matters that affect BMN
  • Strengthen a community of individuals who wish to deepen their BMN knowledge and expertise

The current Behavioral Medicine and Neuropsychology (BMN) Chair is Dr. Amir Ramezani.

Past BMN Events:

3/29/18: Connecting with Primary Care: A Developmental Perspective

2/22/18: Traumatic Brain Injury: Mental Health Considerations for Treatment

2/8/18: The Treatment of Type II Diabetes: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

1/12/18: BMN Mixer

9/28/17: Solutions to the Pain Epidemic

8/10/17: Disorders of Simulation

7/27/17: Introduction to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

1/27/17: BMN Mixer

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